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Client Spotlight: Haley Leach

Haley Leach is not only a client of Affinity Wealth Partners, but she’s also family. Her mom is Crystal Leach, our Senior Registered Relationship Manager, who planted the seeds of solid financial thinking with Haley from a very young age. Throughout her childhood, Haley loved budgeting and saving money. Of course, Mom was a big influence, reminding her to save when she began earning paychecks.

Haley worked part-time in the Affinity Wealth Partners office during her first two years of college, assisting wherever she could. She had yet to choose a major at Missouri State University, and this office experience undoubtedly had a big impact on her decision to major in Finance. She enjoyed watching the partners discuss the stock market and the economy with clients, finding it all incredibly interesting.

Upon graduating from Missouri State University in May, she intends to explore opportunities as a financial analyst. Eventually she hopes to become an advisor and pursue her CFP after getting further experience. She has always loved planning, so becoming a financial planner will combine several of her gifts.

Haley has been a client of Affinity for five years. Starting with a small savings account at a local bank, Crystal worked with the Affinity team to make small investments. Affinity helped her prepare for her future by managing a 529 plan to graduate college without debt, keeping an eye on her 401k, and assisting with long- and short-term financial goals.

From a very early age, Haley has always had a dream of buying her own home. Later this year, she plans to buy a home in the Ozark/Nixa area with her fiancé, Jakob. These high school sweethearts will be married in October, and Haley’s gift for planning will be put to good use for this momentous family milestone.

Haley loves traveling, and recently returned from her first international trip where she visited Egypt and Turkey.

Last July she enjoyed an Alaskan Cruise with much of her family. Highlights from that trip include her engagement in an Alaskan port and her grandparents visiting their 50th state together.

Thanks to saving responsibly from a young age, Haley feels confident and hopeful about her future.

She offered a few bits of advice for fellow young adults:

  • Pay yourself first by saving some of your paycheck before spending.

  • See if your employer can deposit some of your check directly into savings.

  • Explore your 401k at work and maximize any company match. (free money!)

  • Make a list of financial long- and short-term financial goals.

Want us to meet with your children or young adults? They are always welcome at your review meetings or we can meet with them individually.


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