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Client Spotlight: Blaine Alberty

Blaine Alberty grew up in Excelsior Springs, MO. His father was an educator, serving as the Superintendent of Schools, and his mother was a hardworking housewife. At the age of 14, his family moved to Jefferson City where Blaine would discover his life’s passion.

In high school, Blaine got a job at a small family-owned drugstore working as a soda jerk and delivery boy. This planted the seed for becoming a pharmacist. While attending the University of Missouri, Blaine worked at D&H drugstore in Columbia. This experience cemented his career decision, and he enrolled in Pharmacy at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

While getting his degree, Blaine met his wife Ann on a blind date, and they hit it off. She was getting her nursing degree at nearby Avila College. In 1975 they moved back to Columbia, and he returned to D&H drugstore where he remained for his entire career until 2016.

All three of their kids worked in the store, but not always willingly!

Blaine’s favorite aspect of the business was seeing customers regularly, developing relationships with them and helping in times of need. This is a prime advantage of family pharmacies over big chains.

D&H was always innovating and was the first store in the area to computerize. Ann developed an immunization program to serve customers, and continues to assist with it. In the 80’s, Blaine bought into the pharmacy and eventually sold it to his son and daughter-in-law who still own the store. Blaine says they are doing a great job, continuing to innovate and keeping the store relevant to changing times.

In addition to Darran & his wife Tanya who now own the pharmacy, their other children are Kelly, a Physical Therapist in Columbia, and Patrick, a stage production manager in NYC.

Blaine is also a board member of the Friends of the Mid-Missouri Fisher House, a group that provides services to families of veterans receiving medical care at Truman VA Hospital.

Blaine finds this phase of life to be wonderful, especially spending spend time with Ann and enjoying her exquisite cooking. They love to travel, including trips with their family.

Blaine and Ann recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, taking the whole family to the Dominican Republic to enjoy the warm weather and time together. They now live on a golf course, and while Blaine doesn’t play, he enjoys watching it!



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