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Supporting Light From Light & Helping Haiti Thrive

One of the nonprofits we proudly support is Light from Light, a faith- based group focused around improving conditions in Haiti.

We became aware of this organization through one of our clients who is a longtime supporter of the nonprofit. Light from Light’s mission is to strengthen the foundations of progress in Haitian communities, empowering local leaders for long-lasting change. Their vision is of a day when there is a healthy, self-sustaining rhythm of life for Haitian communities. This requires efforts in the key areas of healthcare, nutrition, education, infrastructure and more.

Haiti’s healthcare system is overtaxed, with just six health professionals per 10,000 people and about 40% of the population lacking access to essential health and nutrition services. In response, Light From Light helped open a health clinic near Port au Prince in 2003. The clinic, staffed by 50+ Haitian professionals, brings health and nutrition to approximately 2,000 adults and children monthly, with laboratory, ultrasound, EKG, vaccination and pharmacy services on site.

Most Haitians have never seen a dentist, and many lack basic preventative care. Likewise, eye care and prescriptions are not widely available. Light from Light mission teams bring a variety of medical specialists, including physicians, dentists, optometrists, as well as the necessary supplies to the clinic and other remote villages.

By providing funding, expertise, and mission trips to Haiti, Light from Light makes the foundations of progress stronger.

For those with hearts and hands ready to serve, Light from Light offers a community experience where you can contribute to meaningful change and experience the richness of spirit that persists even in the most poverty-stricken communities.

If you’d like to learn more or get involved, please visit


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