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NonProfit Spotlight: Humane Society of Southwest Missouri

As an office full of pet lovers, we are proud sponsors of the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri, the largest No Kill humane society in the area.

Founded in 1956, their mission is alleviate the distress and suffering of animals by operating a shelter for animals in need of care, placing animals in suitable homes, and offering educational programs that promote animal welfare.

Funding for the organization comes from private donations only, not government agencies or national humane society groups. In recent years, we transitioned away from Christmas gifts to clients and instead make a donation in their name to this wonderful group. On average, it costs the shelter $250 to care for just one dog, cat, puppy, or kitten in need.

In 2009, a new state-of-the-art facility funded by a capital campaign has allowed the Humane Society to increase capacity by approximately 38% and include the following:

  • An attractive, well-lit, temperature controlled animal shelter that makes animals and people feel happy, safe, and comfortable.

  • Areas where incoming pets may become acclimated to their environment with a minimum of stress and where staff may get to know the pet and its health and temperament.

  • A spay/neuter clinic that continues to aggressively address the homeless animal population problem through proven programs and services.

In southwest Missouri there are hundreds of homeless animals that still need our assistance to find a second chance for a new home – making the Humane Society an integral part of our social infrastructure.

Join us in helping the animals of our area enjoy a better life.

To adopt or sponsor a pet, please visit:


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