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Client Spotlight: Creek Young

Creek Young may be one of Affinity’s younger clients, but he is also one of our most exciting clients as well. Creek is a 19-year-old graduate of Rogersville High School who enjoys hunting, fishing and his newest hobby, golf. However, you may know him from another activity where he excels; Creek is our first client who is a professional bull rider!

Creek got started in the rodeo at a very early age. He rode his first sheep (a children’s proxy for a bull, we came to find out) when he was 2 1⁄2 years old. The passion of the rodeo hit him immediately. Throughout his childhood and into high school, Creek continued to follow his dream of one day becoming a bull rider.

With the love and encouragement of his aunt, he was able to balance his school work and his practice schedule. Creek really started to hit his stride when he was 17 years old. Upon graduation, Creek purchased a Ford Transit and began to travel the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association circuit.

Unlike most other professional sports, where contestants are paid salaries regardless of how well they do at a particular competition, Bull riders generally pay to enter each rodeo. If they place high enough to win money, they probably make a profit, but if they don’t, they’ve lost their entry fee and any travel expenses. So, every entry is a gamble pitting the chance for loss and physical injury against the chance for financial windfall and athletic glory.

Most recently, Creek took 4th place at the Gooding Pro Rodeo in Gooding, Idaho; scoring an 85 while riding the bull named Black Sails. Back in February, Creek rode Crooked Horn to a second-place finish at Xtreme Bulls & PRCA Championship Rodeo in Bismarck, North Dakota. Creek has his eyes set on Las Vegas in 2021 where he hopes to make the finals.

We are very proud to call Creek a friend and client and look forward to watching him tear up the circuit. As Ralph Carpenter once said, “The rodeo ain’t over till the bull riders ride.”

Go get ‘em Creek!


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